Steps to creating Online Magazine

Creating online magazine requires a series of coordinated steps that develops a professional product. An online magazine can be a blog or website that delivers articles using a coordinated layout similar to a printed one.

Create a target audience profile

Create online magazine by targeting audience profile will help you consider what your content will be If you are a charity target audience will be donors or individuals who are interested in your cause. If you are a business, your audience will be people who will attract specific advertisers. Create an objective profile of your audience including age range, race, gender, marital status or place of residence. Ask for suggestions including editorial sections and specific ideas for the content.


Editorial Development

Create sections for your magazine; a fashion magazine should include sections on clothes, shoes, jewelry and tutorials on how to dress. A list of articles for the first year of publication can help determine if you can sustain the magazine with content. Write several articles for one full issue for a free sample or several articles for potential advertisers.



To get ideas for companies use an editorial calendar, add companies to potential advertisers. Talk to a potential advertiser, get feedback or ask for advice on reader demographics they would like to see. Offer banner ads on pages you are going to sell and decide on how you will generate revenue. Affiliate program such as Amazon and Shopzilla pays a percent of the dollars a shopper who comes from your site spend at theirs. Add links from your text to the shopping site to make it convenient and for the reader to find what you are recommending easily. You can also create a sample issue of your magazine for advertisers to review.



Create your template for the pages or purchase software that lets you create your template. You can also take photos or purchase photo stocks. Be creative, creativity will help the page layout look like a cohesive magazine and ask for friends or workmates for possible designs. Decide what font style, size, characters and numbers you are going to use and be consistent about it.


Purchase lists of media outlets that will help promote your digital magazine contact websites with same target audiences or rent their subscriber list. Publicize your digital magazine before its launch time using press releases and buy banner ads to create awareness to potential readers.

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