Steps to Create a Digital Magazine

Many individuals are now patronizing digital magazine or flipbooks because of its features and what it can offer to the readers. Before creating your very own flipbook, it is best to know what flipbook is. There are two kinds of flipbooks; a traditional flipbook is a small book of following pictures that can create the illusion of movement. Children once played this before being superseded by television and video games. AS technology grows flipbook, or digital magazine was brought back digitally by having the look of an actual book that has flipping pages. And now we are ready to create our very own flipbook.


There are numerous benefits of having digital magazine software, and readers get a unique and outstanding reading experience making them more interested in magazines. It can also increase your revenue, improve BPA and ABC certified circulation, reduce long distance delivery cost, and understands the demands of readers through analytics. It provides back issues through subscriptions and attains financial growth by increasing revenue through ads and paid subscriptions. Digital magazine maker can create an impressive and efficient digital publication like newsletters, brochures and reports and simplifies the content and distribution across different search engines.

First Step: Creating a PDF file

Portable Document Format popularly known as PDF is a file format developed by Adobe; it displays and print documents that looks exactly the same on computers. It allows people to work on the same documents in different locations. Many tools and software are provided online to create a pdf file such as a digital magazine software or magazine maker online; these tools may be free or not. Or you can just simply save a word or excel document as pdf. You can download or create your template and edit it through photoshop, save it as a pdf file afterward.


Second Step: Find a digital magazine software

There are many digital magazine software that can be downloaded or used online such as yumpu, flippingbook, flipsnack, and many more. This magazine maker may be free to use all throughout the process or may ask for payment in the middle of the process. If you don’t have any money to spare, you can use an online magazine maker. Most of the tools in digital magazine software are free and ready to use.

The downside of free magazine maker online though is, they do not have and do not give all the features a paid digital magazine software have. Paid digital magazine software gives user more options and designs such as templates to add up in the magazine being created, thus giving more life to the magazines about to be published


Third Step: Load Files

Login first or create a profile when asked, most free magazine software requires you to be a member or asks for credit card numbers for the payment after a free trial or more added features and tools. Be careful about that part though, check the background of the software’s developer before typing your credit card number.  Hit import and browse the file that you want to use, most tool lets you import many image files as possible from your computer.


Fourth Step: Select your desired template

You may now choose your desired template that is provided by the software and edit some contents on it like the title, and description. Other magazine makers also let the user create their own template for a more personal look. Creating your own template for the cover will give a unique and stylish look compared to other digital magazines.


Fifth Step: Embed and share your magazine online

Now that everything is finished and you have achieved the look that you want you can now publish and share it with everyone.

Digital Magazine is an excellent way to promoting business products and creating books and stories. Children now find traditional books and magazines boring especially books without pictures, and they now prefer digital books over the printed one. It is more attractive with all the pictures and interactive images provided in every magazine and books and much cheaper and lighter than the published books. It can be read on smartphones and tablets making it more accessible. Be creative and have fun making your very own digital magazine.

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