Features of a Good Digital Magazine Software

In this modern world where technology is becoming vital to everyday life, an online magazine, and digital books or e-books is a great medium to promote business on the internet. Numerous lists of websites offer online magazines that are revisited by a lot of people throughout the day. E-zines and e-books are now becoming popular because of the features and benefits it can offer not only for companies and institutions but also to individuals that want to be a publisher. By publishing digital magazines and books on these sites, popularity may be gained without investing a lot of time, money and effort. With the help of a real Digital Magazine Maker people and digital publishing companies can now easily create and publish their very own e-zine and e-books.


Below are the features that will help you in deciding and choosing the best digital magazine software or flipbook software.

1.  Performance

A good digital magazine maker should be able to convert PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Images, and more into a flash-based flipbook quickly. The original content, quality and features of the files should remain the same after uploading it to the software and after converted to a flash format. It is crucial for a software to create a high quality and readable e-zine and e-books that will be loved by readers. It should let users edit its contents and upload or create templates and designs after publishing it on the web. It should also give users the options to share and publish it on different online sites and social media to widen the scope of audience. A digital magazine maker should provide a tutorial for beginners in order to let them use it to its potential; it should also be user-friendly to be easily used by people regardless of their age and knowledge in using computer and software. 


2. Ease of Use

A lot of people that will use a magazine maker may it be online or offline, do not have a lot of knowledge in dealing with computer software, programs, and applications. The software should be user-friendly making it easy to use regardless of the age and experience of the individual using it. It should provide a video tutorial, manual, or beginner’s guide to help those who will make a digital magazine and digital books for the first time.


3. Affordability

It is not new that most people will want to create an e-zine without spending a lot of money or a single cent. It is crucial that a magazine maker is not very expensive and can be bought by every individual and small businesses, but offers excellent features and tools as well. There are many digital magazine software to choose from that will suit every publisher needs depending on the magazine he creates. There will be online magazine maker for free but be careful of choosing because some of the free software doesn’t really offer a lot of features that will attract readers.


4. Customizable Viewer

The user should be able to change and edit their magazine upon uploading it to the software. Magazine maker should give users the ability to edit the magazine’s content, title, and features the way they desire.


5. Free Templates

It is vital for an e-zine to have an attractive design and materials, this could only be done if a magazine maker provides free templates or lets a user upload a new concept. Having the ability to design and create new templates for the software itself will be a plus in order for the publisher to create the look they want without needing the help of another tool or software.


6. Provides tools for web traffic analysis

The software itself should also have SEO optimized tools that enable more traffic for the e-zine to be known and read.

There are a lot more features that will be needed in order to create a good digital magazine, but these will depend on what the publisher wants the reader to see in his or her magazine. Every publisher is different from each other making it harder to create or find the perfect digital magazine software. We hope that we have helped you decide on which software to choose, have fun creating your very own digital magazine.

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