Familiarizing with Digital Software

The latest revolution in technology, especially in the software development field has given us the most powerful and unique solutions to cater digital publishing needs. This digital magazine software is behind the success of most digital magazines and digital publishing industry. We now have editing tools such as flipbook that allows us to create quickly page turning electronic publications such as e-books, e-brochures, e-catalogs, e-magazines and much more.


By using digital magazine maker, customers get the ability to flip virtually a page or documents online to have the same experience as the traditional publication. Industries and publishers are also able to entertain more audiences for a cheaper cost. It does not only save cost but also delivers contents quickly. Online magazine software can turn dull-looking PDF files to attractive flipping books, and many people have already considered creating a digital magazine.

What is Digital Magazine Software?

Digital Magazine Software is used to create digital versions of any publications such as books, newspapers, catalogs, brochures, journals, and much more. It converts PDF files into an end-product called digital magazine or flipbook.

Flipbook enhances audience’s reading experience by making them feel that they are flipping a book just like the printed one instead of scrolling down a mouse or swiping up and down.


How does it work?

Online magazine maker is based on an Adobe Flash Technology that requires Adobe Flash Player to run on a web browser. It works by using the Macromedia platform to create digital magazine or book.

Uploading a PDF file to a magazine maker is needed to convert it to a page flip. After saving the file, magazine software can let the user edit and adjust some contents to meet the target audience’s needs. After some editing, the user may now publish the magazine.


What is the history of Online Magazine software?

Flipbook started around the year 2002 when the owner of a company called Perfect Fools used Flash effects to make a page curl. Tommy Hornqvist was able to create a digital image that when the page is turned it will curl up like a real book. More digital magazine software was then introduced and made available in the market. 

What are the added features that you can do in this software?

Online magazine software aside from the flipping effect also allows users to jump to a particular page, as well as search a text throughout the publication. It also has added features that PDF files do not have, such as customizing page flips with style and design a user prefer by changing the appearance of the interface that will match the website.

Digital magazine software also can add internal or external links to sites without any limit and add an email address by typing it into the link editor.


What are the uses of a digital magazine?

Most entrepreneurs and publishers are already using digital magazine or flipbooks into their website to attract more customers and sales. Most digital magazines or books can be downloaded, so readers do not need to print them.

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