Creating the Traditional Magazine

Magazines are often seen on department stores, bookstores, supermarket, newspaper stands and even on some pharmacies. These are publications that are printed or electronically published called online magazines. Readers can choose different genres of magazines such as fashion and beauty, home improvement, Celebrity gossips and much more for women and military contents, car modifications and much more for men. Early magazine were manufactured via an archaic form of the printing press, using large hand engraved wood block for printing. In able to create magazine publishers follow steps and method before printing and distributing them to stores and newsstands.

Think of a theme or a focus

Most magazines are niche publications that target a specific audience, think of a primary topic to publish and decide whether it would be a stand-alone or a series.

  • Come up with a title that has one or two-word titles, make sure that the title will sum up the theme nicely.
  • What will be the focus of the publication?
  • What will be the title of the entire series


Decide how you will assemble your magazine

Choosing a proper method for putting up a magazine together will determine how you gather and incorporate content.

  • Use of computer skills is required to create glossy, software enhanced look that is a standard in every magazine.
  • Knowledge in using software such as InDesign, which is a standard designer tool for digitally designed magazines can be very helpful


Establish a deadline

Establishing a deadline will help you manage your time and do what is needed on time. Deadline is important when dealing with topical issues such as news.


Write articles, columns and stories

It is important to come up with good articles and stories to engage people from reading the magazine. It could be about arts, lifestyle, news, interviews or more.

  • Write articles you like and care .
  • Give magazine a personal touch by writing short stories; this could be fictional or real stories.
  • Give magazine an artistic flair by publishing friends or readers poems.
  • Collaborate with friends to get different perspective


Gather images

A magazine without images and photo covers look dull and unpleasing; great images will keep readers interested.

  • Take photographs that relate to your content
  • Explore one topic and guide the reader with series of photos called photojournalism.
  • Search for licensed images
  • Purchase stock images
  • Draw your image


Design a cover 

Magazine covers should give readers a tantalizing taste of everything that’s inside, without giving away too much.

  • The font should always be the same, settle on one that’s easy to read and recognizable
  • Decide what’s going to be on the cover of the issue, you can use models, portraits or staged photos for this one


Choose a final aesthetic for the magazine

Magazines’ look should catch the interest and attention of the readers.


  • Make sure the fonts you are using are easy to read and fits with the theme.
  • Consider the paper you are going to use for printing the magazine, will it be glossy or matte?
  • How much budget do you have to spend on ink per issue? Make sure to incorporate the color into the magazine’s look and feel


Decide on the order of the content

Organizing the content of the magazine dictates how the reader will flip through it.

  • Table of contents usually goes first.
  • Use colophon the should list the title, volume, issue of the magazine, place of publication and the personnel who worked on it.
  • Consider a whimsical back page


Produce the layout of the magazine

Once the order of the content is done it is now time to lay it out, create a magazine that is easy and fun to read.

  • Keep the format consistent, use the same font style, size, numbering, and borders
  • Make sure the final product is even numbered

Publish the magazine

It is now time to print the magazine; it can be printed the old fashion way, or you can publish it online.

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